The 'Big Adventure' Endurance Pack - NEW!!!

The 'Big Adventure' Endurance Pack - NEW!!!

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Qty 15 - 3 x Koffee, 3 x Speednut, 5 x Electroride, 2 x Wolf Pack, 2 x McRaecovery 

Koffee is carefully balanced with lots of quality calories and a smooth, satisfying coffee flavour from the highest quality cold brew. Koffee is ideal for whenever and wherever the big coffee kick is needed. It's delicious and it's made from real food ingredients. No caffeine added, approximately 10-15mg of caffeine from cold brew coffee only.

Speednut with Caffiene (VEGAN) delivers 235 kcal and 50 mg of caffeine per serving, loaded with a unique composition of medium chain fatty acids and carbs, Speednut is most suitable for these special occasions when you need to go out of your comfort zone to keep moving.

Electroride hydration mix is a new generation of 100% natural electrolyte and energy sports drink mix (80 kcal). It comes in convenient 35g portions of liquid mix to dissolve in approximately 500ml of water. No more powder. Just pure ingredients. Amazingly refreshing, magically addictive and full of natural nutrients to replenish your electrolytes during physical distress.

Wolf Pack Made with wholesome, mostly organic ingredients and 300 calories of healthy and easy to digest nutrients. Wolf Pack is a small meal made with high-quality ingredients that you can have right before a race or during a long adventure. It will help your performance without the risk of having GI problems and is designed with a convenient screw top so you do not have to finish it all in one hit. 

McRaecovery (VEGAN) is designed to speed up recovery after hard workouts and long efforts. You will also enjoy its rich flavor and fulfilling qualities in the late stages of long races. It is loaded with proteins, calories and active ingredient helping with inflammation. On top of it, the taste is great!