Got GI Problems?

GI problems can take away the joy of sports.

Research conducted on athletes shows that almost half of long distance runners and triathletes suffer from various digestive system problems during training and racing. These problems may vary from being just another discomfort to preventing athletes from reaching optimal performance.

In most of the cases, highly processed carbohydrates (maltodextrin, sugar, fructose, and glucose) and preservatives are responsible for GI distress. Providing a mixture of nutrients not only helps to provide energy in a more efficient way but also minimizes the possibility of encountering stomach problems.

Becki Spellman, a talented road runner, had to struggle for many years before she found Spring Sports Nutrition. In her blog post, she writes about her journey. It will be exciting to watch Becki as she achieves her next running goals, but it is even more exciting and satisfying to see her as a happy runner.

While we pioneer a novel way to fuel athletes, we hope to see the entire sports food industry transform. We hope to see highly processed and chemical loaded products being replaced with natural products.

Follow the link to read Becki’s story: Morning runs with Becki