Real Food. Real Energy.

Our Mission:

Our mission is to provide athletes with healthy sports nutrition choices. We strive to provide natural, high quality products that are designed based on scientific evidence and top athletes’ experience. We aim to maximize athletic performance while maintaining a healthy, balanced diet.


- 100% natural

- Long lasting energy

- No GI problems

- Easy to consume on the go

Power from Nature

You can't go wrong following nature. It provides the best source of energy. The key is to know how to harness it.

Specific combinations of natural ingredients, and the knowledge of how and when to use them, allows for optimal results in energy management during exercise. Avoiding preservatives and unnatural levels of simple carbohydrates helps to keep your stomach happy. Our products contain only natural ingredients. Your health - not the shelf life of a product - is our priority.

True Science

We employ science to work for us. Scientific findings are driving the design of our recipes.

Carbohydrates provide a significant portion of energy during exercise and they are the most likely to be depleted. Research shows that the most effective energy refueling can be achieved through a planned consumption of complex carbohydrates. However, the proportions between them are critical. Thorough understanding of metabolic processes during exercise is key to successful combinations that actually improve your performance.

Improved Results

Successful athletes inspire us. Their drive, discipline and commitment are the reason for their results.

Some trail runners achieve their extraordinary strength through the help of simple foods. We follow their steps by providing products that are composed of only natural ingredients, with minimal processing, and no artificial components. We have tested our products by providing fuel for top athletes. We will continue to work with them to craft the best possible energy source for your training and competitions.